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Coaching for Sociology

General studies course for prelims and mains

General studies course for prelims & mains


IAS Coaching for Geography

Upcoming Online Course on Economics and Economic Development for Prelims and Mains

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Achievers create achievers. 

And we have those achievers as our faculty to train you. Our purpose, since inception, has been to impart the best possible guidance to the IAS aspirants who seek us out in their IAS journey. Our mantra for success – hard work, effective guidance, strategically well-planned resource materials along with time management, has made us one of the top training facilities in Bangalore.

Achievers academy prepares its students for both Prelims and Mains examinations. Not to forget that there is a continuous preparation under our panel of experts for the most challenging round – Personal Interview.  Test series are designed by some of the senior faculties of India. Interactive learning process, well-planned time table, timely completion of the syllabus and strongly researched study material makes us stand out.  We ensure that not a single step taken by you goes in vain.

We welcome you to our world of learning. 

A world that is a step closer to your dream!

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Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

IAS Students
IAS Students

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

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I’m happy that I choose Achievers IAS Academy for my UPSC preparation. I like the way they provide quality education & individual attention. If you’re a civil service aspirant and  want to join a regular college like tutoring, you can join Achievers IAS without any second thought

Madhu Sudhan

I was apprehensive and indecisive as to whether to go to delhi or join this institute, but i am glad i made this choice, as i am in my hometown & without the quality of learning being compromised, the staff are so friendly & the institution head mrs Anshu is so drive to get all her students to clear the exams

Nimeesha Venkatesh

A good place to prepare for IAS. You will get good guidance regarding how to prepare for it.Also every topic is explained in detail. Individual attention is provided to each and every student there, to find out their progress and where they are lacking.

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