Union Minister for Shipping e-launched the development of Indigenous Software solution for Vessel
traffic services (VTS) and Vessels Traffic Monitoring Systems (VTMS).

 VTS and VTMS is a software which determines vessel positions, position of other traffic or meteorological hazard
warnings and extensive management of traffic within a port or waterway.

 Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) contribute to safety of life at sea, safety and efficiency of navigation and protection
of the marine environment, adjacent shore areas, work sites and offshore installations from possible adverse
effects of maritime traffic.

 VTMS is mandatory under IMO Convention SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea).

 The VTMS traffic image is compiled and collected by means of advanced sensors such as radar, AIS, direction
finding, CCTV and VHF or other co-operative systems and services.

 A modern VTMS integrates all of the information into a single operator working environment for ease of use and in
order to allow for effective traffic organization and communication.

 Implementation of National Maritime Domain Awareness programme of Indian Navy and NCVTS by DGLL – a
real time, interactive aids to navigation system for coastal shipping shall become feasible with Indian VTS
software at low cost.

 Ministry of Shipping has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 10 Crore to IIT, Chennai for development of indigenous
VTS software.

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