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Choose the correct statement (s)1. Hindu Succession Act of 1956 codified law relating unwillled succession among Hindus , Buddhist, Parsi and Sikhs.
2. A Hindu woman enjoys right to be a joint heir to the ancestral property if and only if her father is alive.
3. According to Hindu Succession Act, if a relative converts from Hinduism he/she is ineligible for inheritance.
Which among the following scheme was launched by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs aiming at providing affordable working capital loans to street vendors, following covid-19 pandemic?
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to DNA technology regulation bill1. According to the act,  DNA technology could be used  to establish identity of a person in case of parentage dispute and transplantation of organs.
2. Consents for DNA collection could be overridden by a magistrate.
3. DNA from a crime scene could not be retained if conviction of an offender has been overturned.
Open Sky Agreement is associated with
Q. Choose the correct institute with respect to below given facts1. Headquartered at Paris.
2. Founded as a result of Venice Charter.
3. It is a founding member of Blue Shield.
4. Aims at conservation and preservation of cultural and heritage places.

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