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Choose the correct chronological order with respect to 'eras'1. Paleozoic era
2. Cenozoic era
3. Mesozoic era
Choose the correct pair (s)1. Karakoram range - Trans Himalayas
2. Kailas range - Himadri
3. Pir Panjal range - Lesser Himalaya
4. Zanskar range - Purvanchal
Known to be the oldest fold mountains in world, which among the following range runs between Delhi and Palanpur in Gujarat?
Choose the correct statement (s)1. The Bhabar is a narrow porous region located in the northern stretch of Ganga - Brahmaputra delta.
2. Marusthali is an ill drained marshy region located south to Bhabar where under ground streams of Bhabar reappear.
Alluvial soil is not associated withAlluvial soil is not associated with
1. Presence of kankar in some regions
2. Highly porous, hence favourable for agriculture
3. Very high nitrogen content
4. Titaniferous magnetite giving typical black colour

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