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Recently Foreign Contribution Amendment Bill was passed in the parliament. Choose the correct statements with respect to FCRA..1. According to the amendment foreign contributions could only be received in FCRA accounts in State Bank of India, but FCRA account in other scheduled banks could be used for keeping or utilising the received contributions.
2. The maximum limit that could be defrayed for administrative expenses from foreign funds is 20 % according to FCRA 2020 but the limit was set at 50% in 2010.
Recently 3rd round of 2 + 2 India-US ministerial dialogue was concluded with India signing some of the major foundational agreements with US in defence sector. Which among the following foundational agreement was not signed as a part of India US ministerial dialogue.1. Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement
2. Communications Compatibility and Security
3. General Security of Military Information
Launched by prime Minister of India on the occasion of National panchayati Raj, which among the following scheme aims to introduce integrated property validation for rural areas by engaging latest drone serving technology and also updation of 'records-of-rights' in revenue/property registers.
Blue Flag certification provided by Foundation for Environmental Education is associated with.
It is known to be as the king of of Himalayan flowers. It is the only flower known to bloom after sunset and has the unique property of blooming once in a year. Named as the state flower of Uttarakhand it is highly valued in Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda for its medicinal properties.The above passage refers to which among the following flower.

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