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It was in the wake of declining vulture population in India, a vulture care centre was set up in Pinjore, Haryana. Consider the following statements with respect to vulture crisis in India.1. Meloxicam a NSAID developed alternative to diclofenac is harmless to vultures and could be used as an acceptable substitute.
2. Ban on diclofenac, along with establishment of Jatayu Conservation and Breeding Centre at Van Vihar National Park was a part of Project Vulture plan by Ministry of Environment and Forest.
3. Out of the nine vulture species found in India three species namely Oriental White Backed Vulture, Slender Billed Vulture and Indian Griffon Vulture are protected under IUCN status of critically endangered species.

Choose the correct statement (s)
Which among the following species are naturally found in India?1. Siberian Crane
2. Hawksbill Turtle
3. Northern Sumatran Rhinoceros
4. Indian Aurochs
Consider the following acts in Indian legislation1. Customs Act
2. Water Act
3. Food Safety and Standards Act
4. Air Act

Which among the following acts provide provisions for the conservation of biodiversity and environment?
With respect to biotic interaction choose the correct statement (s)1. In ammensalism one species harms or restricts other species without itself being adversely affected whereas one species is benefited and the other is neither benefited nor harmed in commensalism.
2. Relation between remora and sucker fish is considered to be as a commensal relation, whereas relation between copepod to whales are considered as ammensal type of relation.
Located in Nallamla hills of Telangana, it is considered to be as India's second largest tiger reserve. Home to ethnic Chenchu tribe, large reserves of radioactive minerals was discovered in this area recently. The following facts refers to which among the following tiger reserve.

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