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Consider the following statements with reference to Khilafat Non-cooperation program:1. Motilal Nehru was unanimously elected as president of All India Khilafat Movement.
2. The Khilafat issue was triggered as a result of treatment meted out to Turkey by British after the first world war.
3. The Mopilah Revolt and The Eka Movement coincided with the khilafat non-cooperation agitation.
With reference to spread of Marxist and Socialist ideas, consider the following statements:1. The Socialist nationalists sided with Swarajists and criticised No-changers for their constructive swadeshi work.
2. Socialism in India in the pre-independence period was untouched by international currents.
3. The first May Day was observed in 1920 in celebration of the formation of Communist Party of India.
Choose the correct pair(s)REVOLT                                 CAUSES
1. Tebhaga Movement - Discontentment with Zamindars
2. Mapila Uprisings(1836) - Communal feelings
3. Bardoli Satyagraha - Opression of uppercaste
Select the correct chronology of events.1. Call for "Direct Action" by Muslim league
2. Mountbatten plan
3. Attlee's statement
The famous 'Orientalists-Anglicists Controversy 'is associated with

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