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Hir Ranjha, the famous Punjabi love ballad was authored by
Consider the following statements with respect to Ancient Indian Literature.1. The Puranas were written to illustrate and expound the truth of the Vedas. 
2. Vedic ritual is preserved in literary texts called the Brahmanas.
3. Bhakti is antitheology and against any kind of conceptual erudition.

Choose the correct answer:
Though they are composed mainly as dance forms, they are also sung in concerts, on account of their musical excellence and aesthetic appeal. It also has the sections, pallavi, anupallavi and charana. The music is slow-moving and dignified. There is a natural flow of music and, sustained balance between the words and the music is maintained throughout. The theme is madhura bhakti, portrayed as bahir sringara and antar bhakti.
Choose the correct pair (s)1. Gombeyatta - Maharashtra
2. Kathputli - Rajasthan
3. Kundhei - Odisha
Consider the following statements about Manipuri dance.1. Manipuri dance incorporates both tandava and lasya.
2. The Manipuri classical style of singing is called Tillana.
3.In Manipuri Ras, the main characters are Radha, Krishna and the gopis.

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