Welcome to your November 12 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

Choose the correct pair (s)1. UNCED, 1992, Rio - Agenda 21
2. Cartagena Protocol - safe handling and use of living modified organisms
3. Nagoya Protocol - equitable sharing of benefits from utilisation of genetic resources
Formed by decomposed plant materials locally called phumids; this protected area located in North Eastern India is also home to endangered species like Eld's deer. It is also known to be the only floating national park in the world.Which among the following protected areas is associated with given facts?
With respect to ecological succession, consider the following statements.1. In xerarch form of ecological succession the invading organisms colonise water bodies like ponds or lakes even oceans to create a sensitive ecosystem
2. Lichens are symbiotic association between algae and bacteria, which are capable of even initiating primary ecological succession on a bare rock.
3. The succession brought about by living organism at a place following complete or partial destruction of existing community is termed as allogenic succession.
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to Ramsar wetland sites and associated rivers1. Ashtamudi wetlands - Chalakudy
2. Chandra Tal - Chenab
3. Deepor Beel - Brhamaputra
Which among the following chemical is used as an anti-knock agent in petrol and causes significant damage to kidney and also interfere with red blood cell formation?

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