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Located in Gujarat, which among the following archaeological sites is known as the Manchester of Indus valley civilization.
Choose the correct statement (s)1. The walls of Ajanta caves are adorned by both mural and fresco style of paintings.
2. Fresco paintings are associated with works on solid structure or walls whereas mural paintings are works on wet plaster.
3. Lodi Kuldhar is a style of fresco painting prevalent during the period of Delhi Sultanate.
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to Indian handicrafts1. Churikajodas - Glass bangles
2. Panchkora - Ivory comb
3. Ikat - Tie and Dye handicraft on clothes
4. Surai - Jugware from West Bengal
Which among the following natural sites enjoys the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site?1. Keoladeo National Park
2. Anamalai Hills
3. Nanda Devi National Park
4. Periyar National Park
5. Sunderban National Park
Jalachitra Nrityam and Tarangam are elements associated with which among the following classical dance forms of India?

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