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Heavea brasiliensis is associated with
Choose the incorrect statement with respect to potato cultivation.
It is a tropical crop mainly grown in the leeward side of Western Ghats as it cannot thrive in windy conditions. India is the major producer of this crop in the world. This crop can grow under poor soil conditions and prefer tropical humid lowlands with slightly acidic soil.The above passage refers to
With respect to cropping season choose the correct statement(s)1. Kharif crops are sown before monsoon and harvested at the end of monsoon in comparison with rabi crops sown before retreating monsoon and harvested before summer.
2. Kharif crops grow under warm, wet weather conditions in comparison to rabi crops growing in cold and dry weather.
Known for its aroma and flavour, Basmati is a crop variety used in the preparation of which among the following Indian dish?

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