Welcome to your May 31 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

Red Snow is common during summer in alpines. This phenomenon is caused due to
Consider the following statements with respect to Green Tax in India.1. Green Tax will be levied on all type of transport vehicles older than eight years at time of renewal of fitness certificate.
2. Public transport vehicles will be charged a higher Green Tax.
Choose the correct statement (s).
Which among the following has/have an impact on Indian Agriculture?1. ITCZ
2. Indian Ocean Dipole
3. African Easterly Jet
Miyawaki Method is associated with
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to smog.1. Classical smog occurs in cool humid climate whereas photochemical smog occurs in warm, dry and sunny climate.
2. Photochemical smog is composed mainly of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides whereas classical smog is composed of smoke and sulphur dioxide.
3. Classical smog is an oxidising mixture but photochemical smog is a reducing mixture.

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