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With respect to Ellora Caves, Choose the correct statement (s).1. It is contemporary of the Elephanta Caves.
2. The caves are exclusively Buddhist Caves.
3. Buddhist Caves of Ellora are confluence of multiple Buddhist traditions.
The Doctrine of Purushartha is a key concept of
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Marg Sangeet is the first secular classical music in India and is associated with Gandharvashastras.
2. Pathya Sangeet is a special music with an aim to inform and instruct.
Which among the following could be attributed to Vijayanagara Architecture?1. Ornate Pillared kalyanamantapa.
2. Large monoliths like Nandi Bull in Lepakshi.
3. Desavathara wall paintings in Hampi.
The National Emblem of India is adopted from which among the following Buddhist architecture?

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