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Choose the correct statement (s).1. New Moon is when Sun and earth are on opposite sides of the moon such that the alignment leaves the side of the moon facing earth in darkness.
2. Sun and moon are aligned on opposite sides of earth in a Full Moon.
3. Either a New Moon or Full Moon that coincides with moon being at apogee is referred to as Supermoon.
With respect to Bharatiya Jnanapith Award, Consider the following statements.1. The award can be conferred posthumously.
2. It can be bestowed only for Indian writers.
3. The award is given only for those works in Indian languages included in eighth schedule to the constitution.

Choose the correct statement (s).
E-SANTA launched by Union Ministry of Commerce and industry was in news recently. It is associated with
Recently Indian Navy had undertaken Operation Teman as part of India's relations with which among the following nations?
Consider the following statements with respect to Irrawady Dolphins.1. Irrawady Dolphins are stenohaline species found in discontinuous populations near sea coasts and rivers in parts of Bay of Bengal.
2. They are classified as endangered as per IUCN Red List.

Choose the incorrect statement(s).

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