May 26 – Agriculture

Welcome to your May 26 - Agriculture

Horticulture now accounts for more than one third of the agriculture sectors GDP in India. What among the following could be attributed to increased productivity of horticultural sector?1. Less labour intensive
2. Most horticultural crops are short duration crops.
3. High perishability
Consider the following statements with respect to Zero Budget Natural Farming(ZBNF) and Organic Farming.1. Organic farming is not concerned about zero input cost but the basic premise of ZBNF is zero input cost.
2. Organic farming is possible everywhere whereas successful implementation of ZBNF requires HYV seeds and mechanised tillage. 
3. Intercropping ,cropping rotation and mulching forms a major part of organic farming whereas it cannot be successfully implemented in ZBNF.
Choose the correct statement (s).
You are planning on establishing a farmland for horticultural products. Which among the following irrigation method will be adopted by you such that the water usage and wastage is kept to a minimum?
Which among the following factors could be attributed to multiple cropping patterns in India?1. Rainfall
2. MSPs
3. Food Habits
4. Topography
Choose the correct pair(s).1. Alluvial Soil  - Wheat
2. Saline Soil - Rice
3. Regur Soil - Cotton

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