Welcome to your May 21 - POLITY AND CONSTITUTION

In which among the following conditions will a party be recognised as a national party?
The 61st Amendment Act, 1989 is associated with
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to elections in India.1. If the number of NOTA is more than the total number of votes secured by any candidate, no candidate is declared as a winner in that constituency.
2. NOTA options are taken into account for calculating total valid votes polled by contesting candidates for the purpose of return of security deposits.
The 'Panchasheel Agreement' was codified for the first time as part of India's foreign policy with which among the following countries?
Which of the following are envisaged under 'Right Against Exploitation' in constitution of India?1. Prevention of traffic in human beings and forced labour.
2. Prohibition of employment of children in factories and mines.
3. Abolition of Untouchability.
4. Protection of interests of minorities.

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