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What among the following is/are associated with Indus Valley Civilization?1. Dedicated temples for worship
2. Female diety
3. Use of boats for trade
Choose the correct statement(s) respect to Gandhara Art.1. Gandhara Art of Kushans is mixture of Indian ideas combined with Greco-Roman style .
2. Gandhara Art distinctively showed emperor in divine form.
3. The style of art was closely associated with Hinduism and never depicted other religions.
Which among the following place(s) was/ were important centers associated with Buddhist architecture and sculpture?1. Amaravati
2. Sarnath
3. Vengi
These paintings inspired by Nayaka and Vijayanagara style has distinct style influenced from Kathakali tradition. Most of the themes of these paintings are derived from Mahabharata and Ramayana. Some of these murals are located in Krishnapuram Palace and Padmanabha palace.The above passage refers to
Tholubomalatta and Thogalugomayatta is associated with

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