Welcome to your May 15 - GEOGRAPHY

Consider the following1. Decomposition by organic acids.
2. Repeated temperature changes.
3. Soil creeps.

Choose the correct  events associated with rocks resulting in soil formation.
Heavy sand mining in riverbeds may result in1. Decreased salinity of river.
2. Pollution of ground water.
3. Lowering of water table.
Choose the correct chronology in which a satelite launched from earth's surface will come across the above layers of Earth's atmosphere.1. Stratosphere
2. Thermosphere
3. Mesosphere
With respect river deltas choose the correct statement (s).1. Active vertical and lateral erosions in the upper course of the river favours formation of deltas.
2. Unsheltered coast along with strong currents running in rights angles at river mouths results in formation of larger deltas.
Yardangs, Mesas and Inselbergs are associated with

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