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Consider the following statements.
1. It seeks to stimulate an economy by boosting demand through monetary and fiscal stimulus.
2. It is intended to prevent or moderate economic downturns and recessions.
The statements given above refers to
Which of the following can be attained through Disinvestment of Public Sector Units ?
1. Transfer of commercial risks.
2. Equality of income distribution among the public.
3. Enhancement of regular income of the government.
Select the correct answer
Which of the following statements are correct ?
1. A listed company is a firm whose shares are listed (quoted) on a stock exchange for public trading. 
2. InvIT is a collective investment scheme  similar to a mutual fund which enables direct investment of money from individual and institutional investors in infrastructure projects to earn a small portion of the income as return.
Malegam Committee is associated with
With respect to Lead Bank Scheme, consider the following statements:
1. Lead Bank Scheme was introduced in the 1960s in the wake of New Farmers' Movements and Naxalite struggles .
2. The Lead Bank was to act as a consortium leader for co-ordinating the efforts of all credit institutions in each of the allotted districts for expansion of branch banking facilities and for meeting the credit needs of the rural economy.

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