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Consider the following items.1. Unprocessed wool
2. Aviation turbine fuel
3. Contraceptives

Which among the above items is/are exempted under GST?
Kok - Tash area has been of international attention lately. Dispute over Kok - Tash has led to the conflict between
Consider the following statements with respect to cotton cultivation.1. A minimum of 210 frosty days are essential for proper growth of cotton plant.
2. It is a kharif crop in Tamil Nadu but a kharif and rabi crop elsewhere in cotton growing parts of India.
3. India is the largest producer of cotton in the world.

Choose the correct statement (s).
With respect to international treaties on Refugees, India is a party to which among the following international policies regarding refugees?1. UN 1951 Refugee Convention
2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948
3. New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
Consider the following statements1. Wilful disobedience to any order or writ
2. Scandalizing the court by lowering its authority.
3. Interference in the due course of judicial proceedings.
Which among the above can be classified into criminal contempt of court?

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