January 29 – ART AND CULTURE

Welcome to your January 29 - ART AND CULTURE

Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to Traditional Indian Theatres.1. Bhand Pather - Uttar Pradesh
2. Maach - Jammu and Kashmir
3. Theyyam - Andhra Pradesh
The lion capital of Ashoka built to commemorate dhammachakrapravartana by Buddha is located in which among the following places?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Hellinistic influence is well reflected in Gandhara art whereas Madhura art is devoid of any outside influence.
2. Influence of Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism is typical in both Gandhara art and Madhura art.
Kalyana Mandapa is prominent in the temple architecture of
You are travelling from south to north of India to study on traditional dance forms of India. Which among the following dance form will you come across first?

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