Welcome to your January 26 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

You were in a hiking expedition to Himalayas. Unaware of high altitude conditions you removed your goggles and you started to experience pain and burning sensation in your eyes followed by blurred vision. The following condition was caused probably due to exposure to
Which among the following ecological effects could be observed in an aquatic ecosystem prone to thermal pollution?1. Blue green algae replaced by undesirable green algae.
2. Reduced metabolic rate in aquatic organisms.
3. Increased natality coupled with mortality.
' Cogeneration' is a term frequently discussed in the wake of recent global warming scenarios. Cogeneration is associated with.
Which among the following warm blooded species are naturally found in Indian Subcontinent.1. Great Indian Bustard
2. Dugong
3. Bengal Monitor
4. Gharial
Choose the correct statement (s).1. National parks were created under the provisions of wildlife protection act 1972, whereas wildlife sanctuaries are developed under Environment Protection Act, 1986.
2. A national park could be downgraded to wildlife sanctuary by special legislation of respective State governments.

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