Welcome to your January 23 - POLITY & CONSTITUTION

In addition to the making of constitution which among the following functions was/were performed by the constituent assembly?1. Election of The First President of India.
2. Ratification of India's membership in commonwealth.
3. Adoption of national flag.
Which among the following non-federal features are followed by The Constitution of India ?1. Division of power
2. Bicameralism
3. Single citizenship
4. Single constitution
Choose the correct statement (s)1. Any Indian citizen above the age of forty is eligible to be appointed as governor of a state.
2. A governor is immune to any criminal proceedings with respect to his personal acts during his term.
3. Unlike the president governor only enjoys the power for suspensive Veto.
Which among the following is/are necessarily consequence of presidential rule of a state? 1. Council of ministers is dissolved. 2. Dissolution of local bodies. 3. Dissolution of state legislative assembly.
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Unlike parliament only a minister can introduce a bill in state legislature.
2. A minister can only introduce a bill in Lok Sabha after a notification presented to the Speaker before at least thirty days.

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