January 15 – GEOGRAPHY

Welcome to your January 15 - GEOGRAPHY

Which among the following is/are true?1. If you have travelled 180° eastward from Greenwich, you will be 12 hours ahead of GMT.
2. A day will be gained in your calendar if you travel eastward from Asiatic side to American side crossing the date line.
Which among the following orogenic movement resulted in the formation of The Himalayas?
If you are travelling from outterspace to surface of earth, choose the correct order in which you will encounter the following types of clouds.1. Altocummulus
2. Stratocummulus
3. Cirrus
Choose the correct statement (s)1. Due to its transparent nature, water gets heated faster when compared to land.
2. Land breeze moves from land to the sea during day time.
Which among the following adaptive features you could observe if you visit a temperate coniferous forest?1. High humus formation
2. Conical shape of trees
3. Thick needle shaped leaves
4. Thick undergrowth

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