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Which among the following policies were adopted by Mughal Emperor Akbar inorder to build a strong relation with powerful rajas and zamindars of North?1. Abolition of piligrim taxes.
2. Abolition of forcible conversion of prisoners of war.
3. Matrimonial relations with Hindu kingdoms.
The fort of Agra was built by which among the following Mughal emperor?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Pietra Dura style of architecture was introduced in India by Jahangir and was popularised by Shah Jahan.
2. Pietra Dura type of architecture uses marbles or semi precious stones to create an image.
3. Pietra Dura is abundantly found in taj mahal architecture.
Consider the following statements with respect to religious ideologies during the Mughal period and Choose the correct statement (s).1. The occasional conflicts between Mughal emperors and Sikh gurus were political rather than religious.
2. Sikhs stood forth against systemic persecution of hindus during the reign of Akbar.
Consider the following Persian Poets.1. Abu Fazl
2. Utbi Naziri
3. Ferdowsi
Who among following were poets in Mughal courts?

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