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It is an active shield volcano located in Hawaiian Islands. The eruption of this volcano had led to the destruction of Kaimu town and black sand beach. The slopes of this volcano merges with those of nearby volcano Mauna Lao.The above passage refers to
Which among the following is a cat species common in Indian subcontinent and is hunted for its exotic skin and bones?
Boko Haram is associated with which among the following region?
Consider the following National Parks1. Kaziranga National park
2. Keoladeo National Park
3. Manas National Park

Which among the above is/are UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site(s)?
Consider the following facts.1. It is a Jewish festival.
2. It commemorate the rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem at time of Maccabean revolt.
3. It is also known as Festival of Lights.

The above facts refers to

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