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Choose the correct statement (s).1. Lokayukta is responsible for enquiring into corruption charges at national level whereas Lokpal performs the same at state level.
2. Unlike Lokpal, non-judicial members can be part of eight member body of Lokayukta.
Launched by Ministry of Education which among the following scheme aims at enabling intellectual property protection for inventions from higher educational institutions?
Choose the correct pair with respect to diseases associated with heavy metal toxicity.1. Arsenic - Minamata disease
2. Nitrate - Methemoglobinemia
3. Cadmium - Itai Itai
Which among the following ways can be adopted by Lok Sabha to express its lack of confidence in government?1.  Rejection of Motion Of  Thanks in both houses of parliament.
2. Rejection of money bill.
3. Passing a censure motion.
The passage refers toIt is a small perennial shrub native to Central and South America. Introduced in tropics as an ornamental plant, it is a highly invasive species in Indian subcontinent. The toxins in its foliage causes cholestasis in grazing animals.

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