Welcome to your February 17 - POLITY AND CONSTITUTION

Choose the correct statement (s).1. Fundamental rights do not require any legislation for their implementation whereas directive principles requires legislation for their implementation.
2. Like fundamental rights, directive principles are legally enforceable by the courts for their violation.
Consider the following statements with respect to National Emergency.1. President of India is empowered to declare national emergency on the grounds of internal disturbances.
2. The president cannot modify the constitutional distribution of revenues between states and centre while a proclamation of national emergency is operational.

Choose the correct statement (s).
Which among the following acts resulted in transfer of powers of government, territories and revenues of India from East India Company to the British Crown?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. The Chief Election Commissioner of India holds his office till the pleasure of the president.
2. The Chief Election Commissioner can be removed by the president on the basis of a resolution passed by both the houses of parliament on a simple majority.
It is an order issued by the court to a person who has detained another person to produce the body of the latter before it.The above statement refers to

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