Welcome to your December 29 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Taiga Biome.1. Taigas are found in the northern and southern most ice bound poles.
2. It's a boreal type of vegetation with predominant ground flora like lichen and mosses.
3. Taiga soil is young and rich in nutrients due to reduced usage of nutrients by flora.
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to MIKE sites in India.1. Garo Hills - Meghalaya
2. Nilgiri - Andhra Pradesh
3. Mayurbhanj - Assam
4. Wayanad - Kerala
Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement (s).1. Increased demand of palm oil in India resulted in habitat destruction and deforestation of tropical rain forests of Indonesia.
2. Due to its lower gestation period, palm oil seeds have high productivity compared to other oil seeds.
3. Palm oil could only be used in food based application and not in non-food applications.
Which among the following inorganic pollutant arising from soap industry cause a significant damage to aquatic ecosystem?
Identify the animal in the description below.1. It is also called Kashmir Stag.
2. Lack of desirable breeding and fawn survival is a grave concern for the population growth.
3. It is the only Asiatic survivor or sub-species of the European red deer.

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