December 28 – GEOGRAPHY

Welcome to your December 28 - GEOGRAPHY

Choose the correct statement (s).1. The inclination of earth's axis to its orbital plane causes variation in length of day and night in different regions.
2. At the equator dawn will be longer when compared to temperate latitudes, but twilight will be shorter.
Consider the following statements with respect to types of rock and choose the correct statement (s).1. Igneous rocks are cooled and solidified magma whereas metamorphic rocks are igneous rocks exposed to high heat and pressure.
2. Fossil deposits are abundantly found in the igneous rocks whereas sedimentary rocks lack fossil deposits.
Ayers Rocks also known as Uluru is major tourist attraction in Australia. Uluru is an example of which among the following arid land form?
In its pure state limestone is made up of which among the following mineral?
Which among the following pair(s) are correctly matched?1. Nomadic Pastoralism - Northeast Africa
2. Arable Farming - North India
3. Pastoral Farming - The Pampas

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