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Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Samkhya School of Philosophy.1. Original Samkhya philosophy propounded a scientific view on creation of universe and absence of divine agency in creation whereas New Samkhya view propounded 'purusha' was necessary for creation.
2. Unlike the Yoga School of Philosophy Samkhya School believed in dualism.
It is a popular shadow theatre of Karnataka. The puppetry exhibits variation in puppet size based on social status, a king is characterised by larger puppet whereas servants are shown by smaller puppets.The above passage refers to which among the following Indian puppetry?
Falling on the last day of holy month of Ramadan, which among the following festival is celebrated in remembrance of victory achieved by prophet Muhammad during the Battle of Badr?
If you are travelling from North to South of India, what will be the order in which you will encounter the following sites on your way?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. The Bhakti Movement was divided into two main groups namely Nayanars and Alvars, who were Vishnu and Shiva devotees respectively.
2. Unlike Sufi Philosophy, Bhakti Movement never believed in brotherhood and considered Aryans to be superior.
3. Women infanticide was strongly opposed by Bhakti saints but they supported sati practice.

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