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According to recent reports by WHO, about 2 billion people worldwide suffers from hidden hunger. Genetically modified Golden Rice rice varieties are developed to counter which among the following nutrient deficiency.
Choose the correct statement (s).1. The only GM Crop permitted in India is Bt Cotton.
2. cry1Ac and cry2Ab genes are isolated from soil bacteria Agrobacterium tumifaciens.
3. Ht-Bt Cotton variety provide protection from herbicide glyphosate.
You are appointed as air traffic controller of Cochin International Airport. You are assigned to track an incoming aircraft and for the same you are preparing to use the available radar device. Which among the following wave from the electromagnetic spectrum will be send from your transmitter antenna?
Consider the following statements on lithium-ion batteries and choose the correct statement (s).1. Li-ion batteries cost about 40% less when considered to Ni-Cd batteries.
2. It is a low maintenance rechargeable battery with no memory effect.
3. Disposal of Li-ion batteries are easier compared to Ni-Cd batteries. Hence they are more eco friendly.
Implemented by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, National Deworming Day program aims at providing albendazole tablets to children against which among the following Soil Transmitted Helminths?

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