Welcome to your December 17 - POST-INDEPENDENCE

Which among the following reasons led to unpopularity of Nizams post independence and resulted in military action by Government of India?1. Growth of Ittihad Ul Muslimin and it's paramilitary wing Rajakars.
2. Suppression of satyagraha led by Hyderabad state congress by Razakars.
3. Rebellion of peasants led by communist leadership against landlords.
he Constituent Assembly of India was highly representative from all segments and hence was the first cabinet. Which among the following member of the first cabinetrepresented Hindu Mahasabha?
Which among the following reasons led to economic decline in India resulting in Introduction of MRTP Act, FERA Act and Nationalisation of Banks?. Monsoon failures of 1965 and 1966
2. Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
3. Indian criticism on Vietnam war
4. Sino-Indian war
Operation Blue Star is associated with.
Choose the correct statement(s).1. Government led by Indira Gandhi Introduced policies on nationalisation of banks and withdrawal of princely privileges.
2. Indian Army under Indira regime trained and strengthened Mukhti Bahini for guerrilla warfare.
3. The JVP Committee advised against the creation of states on linguistic lines for administrative convenience and unity of nation.

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