Welcome to your April 12 - INDIAN GEOGRAPHY

Consider the following rivers.1. Jhelum
2. Chenab
3. Beas

Which among the above river(s) cut through the Pir Panjal range?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. In the Greater Himalayan Ranges snow line is at a lower elevation on southern slopes than on northern slopes.
2. Southern slopes of Greater Himalayas receive more precipitation than that of northern ranges.
Choose the correct chronology in which you will come across the following passes if you are travelling from South to North of India.1. Chorla Ghat
2. Pal Ghat
3. Rohtang Pass
Located in the Utkal Plain it is the biggest brackish water lagoon in India. Designated as the first Indian wetland of international significance under Ramsar Convention, it is a nesting ground for green sea turtle.The above passage refers to
Which among the following statement is wrong with respect to alluvial soil?

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