BRAHMOS, the supersonic cruise missile was successfully test fired from Indian Navy’s indigenously built stealth destroyer INS Chennai, hitting a target in the Arabian Sea

 BRAHMOS as a prime strike weapon will ensure the warship’s invincibility by engaging naval surface targets at
long ranges, thus making the destroyer another lethal platform of Indian Navy.

 BrahMos Aerospace, an India-Russia joint venture, produces the supersonic cruise missile that can be launched
from submarines, ships, aircraft, or from land platforms.

 In the last few weeks, India has test fired a number of missiles including a new version of the surface-to-surface
supersonic cruise missile BrahMos and anti-radiation missile Rudram-1.

 The original 290-km range BrahMos has already been deployed in Ladakh as well as Arunachal Pradesh during
the ongoing military confrontation with China.

 The armed forces have already inducted the 290-km range land and warship-based versions of the BrahMos
missiles, which fly almost three times the speed of sound at Mach 2.8, over the last decade.

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