Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a potential new organ in the human throat that they
stumbled upon while carrying out research on prostate cancer.

 Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute have identified a set of salivary glands deep in the upper part of
the throat and have named them “tubarial salivary glands”.

 The discovery may be important for cancer treatment. So far, this nasopharynx region — behind the nose — was
not thought to host anything but microscopic, diffuse, salivary glands.

 The newly discovered glands are about 1.5 inches (3.9 centimeters) in length on average and are located over a
piece of cartilage called the torus tubarius.

 The glands probably lubricate and moisten the upper throat behind the nose and mouth.

 Until now, there were three known large salivary glands in humans: one under the tongue, one under the jaw and
one at the back of the jaw, behind the cheek.

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