October 29

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Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Domestic Violence Act of India1. Women will have the right to residence in a  shared house if and only if the house is owned or rented by her husband.
2. The extend of the act does not apply beyond divorce.
3. According to the act female citizens aged above 70 years could not be considered as a respondent.
Located at the banks of kanjika river which among the following zoological park is the only breeding conservation center for Indian pangolins in the world?
Lokur Committee is associated with
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Non Communicable Diseases(NCB)1. NCB can be infectious or non infectious
2. Type -2 diabetes mellitus is a NCB
3. Chimerism can never result in a NCB
Choose the correct pair(s)1. Zojila tunnel - connects Srinagar to Leh
2. Nechiphu tunnel - connects Balipara to Tawang
3. Atal tunnel - connects Manali to Leh

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