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Aichi Targets is/are not associated with1. It was adopted by Convention on Biological Diversity at Nagoya Convention.
2. It aims at improving biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystem.
3. It promotes usage of strontium isotopes by replacing uranium isotopes for nuclear energy.
Choose the correct pair (s)1. Living Planet Index - WWF
2. Global Competitiveness Report - WEF
3. Education Index - UNICEF
4. Gender Inequality Index - UNDP
Identify the GI tagged item based on the following facts1. Practiced at Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh
2. Major materials used are cotton, silk, Tusshar
3. Clothes are treated with alum and alizarin
4. GI tagged in 2008
Choose the correct statement (s)1. Medicanes are tropical like cyclones observed over the Mediterranean sea.
2. The core of medicanes are warmer resulting in swifter winds and torrential rains.
Which among the following South Indian dynasty constructed Ramappa temple located at Warangal?

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