Oct 19,2020

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1. Which among the following are not member states of UNESCO1. Palestine
2. Israel
3. USA
4. Liechtenstein
2. Choose the correct statement (s)1. Ottawa declaration is associated with the emergence of the Arctic Circle.
2. Inuit Circumpolar Council and Gwich'in council are indigenous communities with permanent participant status in Arctic Council.
3. Only states with territory in the Arctic can be members of the Arctic Circle.
3. Located at Hague, which among the following is the principle judicial organ of United Nations which settle legal disputes between member states of UN?
4. Choose the incorrect statement (s)1. Only an Indian citizen who has a service either as a judge of high court for five years or an advocate of high court for ten years is qualified to be Chief Justice of India.
2. The adress for the removal of a supreme court judge must be supported by special majority in parliament.
3. Chief justice of Supreme Court and High Courts have absolute power to constitute benches to hear a case.
Which among the following is a public sector undertaking for commercially exploiting ISRO's space products and providing technical consulting services by ISRO to other industries?

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