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In recent times, climate change has impacted human lives in so many different ways. Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to factors resulting in climatic change.1. Thermosteric effects of sea have less impact on rising sea levels when compared to effects produced by melting glaciers and ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctic.
2. The average increase in temperature due to global warming in Hindukush and Karakoram ranges will be 0.3°c to 0.7°c more than elsewhere in the world due to elevation dependent warming phenomenon.
It is located at northwestern side of Nilgiri hills. It is the part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve with Wayanad wildlife sanctuary in west, Bandipur national park in north and Silent Valley in south. The major habitat of the area is tropical moist forest along with patches of semi evergreen forests. The area is said to be home to 8% of total bird population of India.The above passage refers to which of the following protected area?
With respect to ISRO choose the correct statement (s)1. NISAR mission is an ISRO-ESA joint project aimed at launching synthetic aperture radar on an earth observation satelite.
2. Cartosat and Resourcesat where launched as a part of Indian Remote Sensing Program aiming at earth resource management and defence services.
3. Aryabhatta was the first satelite to be built by ISRO, whereas Rohini was the first satelite to be placed in orbit by an Indian launch vehicle.
Named after Greek godess of soul, which among the following asteroid has core completely made of iron and nickel and is located between Mars and Jupiter ?
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