Welcome to your November 28 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

Consider the following statements with respect to Pesticide Management Bill ,20201. Introduced by Ministry of Environment and Forest, it seeks to regulate manufacture, sale and distribution of pesticides.
2. According to PMB 2020, Pesticides which are banned in India could not be exported even if they are approved for use in other countries.
3. Currently regulation of pesticides are under Environmental Protection Act 1986.

Choose the correct statement (s)
In the recent report by Greenpeace India, Sulphur dioxide emissions in India have declined in 2019. Consider the following Statements on Sulphur dioxide1. It is a colorless, pungent smelling toxic gas.
2. Volcanic activity is a natural producer of Sulphur dioxide.
3. Due to direct conversion of Sulphur dioxide into an hydrite, it could not be considered as a green house gas.
4. Sulphur dioxide combines with hydrocarbons to form peroxyI nitrate .

Choose the correct Statement(s
According to recommendations by Ministry of Finance, which among the following premier green institutions will be disengaged from Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate?1. Indian Institute of Forest Management
2. G.B Pant Institute of Forest Management
3. WIildlife Institute of India
4. Indian Council for Forest Research and Education
Choose the correct pair (s)1. Education Index - UNDP
2. Corruption Perception Index - Transparency International
3. Gender Inequality Index - WEF
4. Human Poverty Index - WHO
Recently, CISR launched IndiGen programme for sequencing genome of thousands of Indian Individuals of diverse ethnic groups. Consider the following statements on human genome.1. The complete human genome is encoded as DNA within 23 chromosomal pairs in cell nuclei unlike other eukaryotic species which also have mitochondrial DNA molecule.
2. Humans have 22 pair of autosomes and a paired 23rd set which have xy constitution in females and xx constitution in males.
3. The complete euchromatic regions of genome was sequenced for the first time under Human Genome Project.
Choose the correct Statement (s).

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