November 27 – INDIAN ECONOMY

Welcome to your November 27 - INDIAN ECONOMY

The difference between total income of the government to its total expenditure. What does it imply.
Choose the correct pair (s)1. SANKALP - Digital learning in tribal or hill areas.
2. STRIVE - Window to register Unemployment.
3.  Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Kendra - Skill enhancement exclusively for women.
Recently Avante Mega Food Park was inaugurated in Madhya Pradesh. Consider the following statements on Mega Food Parks and choose the correct statement (s).1. These food parks give a major boost to the food processing sector by adding value and reducing food wastage at each stage of the supply chain with particular focus on perishables.
2. The scheme is implemented by Ministry of Finance with the Ministry lending money to a consortium of companies to establish required infrastructure.
Consider the following statements on Essential Commodities Act.1. The Amendment on ECA Act 2020 deregulate the commodities namely, cereals, edible oils, onion and potato to reduce excessive regulatory interference for increased private investment.
2. The latest amendment restricts farmers from selling agriproduce outside the notified Agricultural Produce Market Committee such that to discourage external corporate interference.

Choose the correct statement (s).
Consider the following statements on Monetary Policy Committee of India.1. The committee consists of six members which chaired by Minister of Finance of India.
2. Repo rates and Liquidity Adjustment Facility are decided by MPC whereas Maximum Standing Facility is adjusted by Finance Ministry.
3. The power for the committee to decide Monetary Policy is derived from The Reserve Bank Act, 1934.

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