Welcome to your November 26 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

Consider the following statements with respect to National Electricity Mobility Mission 20201. It was launched by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
2.  Government aims to provide fiscal and monetary incentives to motor industry to increase production and sale of hybrid and electric vehicles.
3. Currently under FAME scheme Government provides subsidies to mild hybrid vehicles
. Consider the following statements with respect to sustainable agriculture and choose the correct statement(s)1. Zero tillage will result in reduced surface run off as the disruption of soil structure is reduced.
2. Deep placement of nitrogen fertilizers with instruments increase nitrogen usage efficiency along with reduction in nitrous oxide emissions.
3. Continuous irrigation and flooding of rice field will help in reduction of methane emission without compromising yield.
Schistocera gregaria is associated with
Which among the following acts provide legal provisions related to industrial disasters.1. Environment Protection Act 1986
2. Factories Amendment Act 1987
3. Public Liability Insurance Act 1991
Consider the following statements on Cyclone1. Cyclones are outward spiralling air circulation around low pressure areas.
2. Large sea surface with temperatures 20°c - 24°c is conducive for formation and intensification of tropical cyclone.

Choose the correct statement (s)

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