Changing climatic conditions due to global warming has been topic of various international dialogues for the past few decades. consider the following statements regarding effects of climate change and choose the correct statement (s).1.  Hindukush ranges experienced declining snowfall and retreating glaciers in contrast to elevated regions of Karakoram which experienced increased  winter time precipitation.
2. Deoxygenation  of oceans will result in reduction  of Oxygen Minimum zones which causes difficulty for marine ecosystem.
3. Maritime Zones demarcated under UNCLOS will change, as the zones retreat seawards when there is a rise in sea level.
Composed of four glaciers it is considered to be the largest glacier in Alps. Measured to have a length of 23km and surface area of 82square kilometres it is located in Eastern Bernese Alps in Switzerland. The origin of this glacier is at Concordia Palace where four glaciers namely Aletschfiri, Jungfrafirn, Ewigschneefeld and Gruneggfian meets.The above passage refers to which among the following retreating glaciers
Carbon Pricing is widely heard in context with various environmental issues. Carbon Pricing is associated with.
Recently C 40 World Mayors summit was concluded in Copenhagen. Which among the following Indian cities are currently members of C 40 summit1. Bengaluru
2. Ahmedabad
3. Kolkata
4. Jaipur
Consider the following statements with respect to Fly Ash.1. It is the by-product of burning coal in thermal power plants.
2. It is useful in agriculture as it can provide micronutrients like potassium and calcium.
3. Concrete made with fly ash is more durable than that made with normal Portland cement.

Choose the correct statement (s).

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