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With detailed explanations on vedic sacrificial rituals, symbolism and mythology, Satapatha Brahmana is a commentary on which among the following veda.
Consider the following statements on Jainism1. Both men and women were admitted in Sangha's organised by Mahavira for spreading his teachings.
2. Unlike Buddhism which accepted the authority of Vedas, Jainism completely rejected the authority of vedas and priestly class.
3. The only surviving complete collection of Jain text in an Indic language is Pali Tipitaka.

Choose the correct statement (s)
Which among the following was/were the immediate direct political outcomes in India following Alexander's invasion of India during 325BC?1. Annexation of Northwestern India into his empire.
2. Political unification of North India under Mauryas.
3. Establishment of direct trade routes between India and Greece.
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to literary sources of the Mauryan Empire.1. Indica - Megasthenes
2. Mudrarakshasa - Visakadatha
3. Arthashastra - Chanakya
Embedded in Atharvaveda, from which among the following ancient Sanskrit vedic text was the national motto ' Satyameva Jayaye' adopted ?

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