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Precision farming has become an important part of modern day agricultural practice helping in increasing productivity and maximising yield. Which among the following techniques are adopted in precision farming?1. Fertigation
2. Mulching
3. Micropropogation
4. Remote sensing technique
Recently Central Vigilance Commission has amended the Standard Operating Procedure on adoption of Integrity Pact in government organisation for procurement activities. Integrity Pact is associated with
Recently India signed a uranium supply agreement with Uzbekistan as part of India-Central Asia dialogue. Which among the following country, part of India-Central Asia dialogue is not a part of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.
According to Alfred Nobel's will, Nobel peace prize is awarded to person/organisation who have done the best work for fraternity between nations, for abolition or reduction of standing armies and for promotion of peace congresses. Which among the following International organisation(s) is/are awarded with Nobel peace prize ?1. World food programme
3. EU
4. International Labour Organization
Built and operated by National Highways and Infrastructure Development Limited, constructed between Sonmarg and Drass, it is developed aiming at providing all weather connectivity between Srinagar valley and Leh throughout the year. Planned to be a smart tunnel, the eastern portal of the tunnel is located at Minamarg and western portal is at Baltal.The following passage refers to which among the following strategically important tunnel.

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