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Choose the correct statement(s) with respect to fat and lipids.1. Lipids are water insoluble but alchohol soluble substance which is a major component of double layered human cell membrane.
2. Dehydrogenation of long chain fatty acids results in saturated fats whereas unsaturated fats are long chain fatty acids with at least one double bond.
3. Omega-3 is a mono unsaturated fatty acid whereas omega-6 is polyunsaturated fatty acid , helping in reducing blood triglyceride levels.
Consider the following events with relation to origin of universe. Choose the chronology of sequence from the oldest.1. Rapidly cooling cosmos with clumping protons and neutrons.
2. Superfast expansion  of cosmos.
3. Fusion of hydrogen and helium to form giant clouds.
Advancement in genetic engineering has resulted in faster development of vaccines during pandemics. With respect to genetic engineering, 'origin of replication'(ori sequence) is associated with.1. Genome sequence in bacteria where replication is initiated.
2. Reverse transcriptase enzyme in retrovirus initiating RNA replication.
3. Genome sequence where viral DNA replication is initiated.
4. Genome sequence associated with eukaryotic genome replication.
Consider the following statements on ballistic and cruise missiles.1. Ballistic missiles follow a ballistic trajectory with no active propulsion during its actual flight, whereas cruise missiles are guided missiles and are propelled through out its flight.
2. Ballistic missiles have a trajectory consisting of areas outside atmosphere whereas cruise missiles have a flight path within the atmosphere.
3. Both conventional and unconventional payloads could be delivered by a ballistic missile whereas cruise missiles are exclusively designed for delivery of conventional payloads.

Choose the correct statement (s):
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to disease and causative organism.1. Malaria - Fungi
2. Anthrax - Virus
3. Cholera - Protozoa
4. Chicken Pox - Bacteria

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