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Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to custodial violence in India1. Right to counsel and protection from torture are fundamental rights enshrined under article 21 and 22 respectively.
2. According to section 176(1) crpc a magistrate inquest is held in case of custodial death.
3. Both excecutive and judicial magistrates could hold an inquest in case of custodial death.
Q. Recently union ministry has announced Mission Karmayogi. Mission Karmayogi is associated with
Which among the following hydroelectric project is jointly developed as a part of Indo- Bhutan relations. Constructed by Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam and Druk Green Power Corporation, it is located at eastern Bhutan's Trashiyangtse district.
Also known to be as Euxine sea, Bosporous strait connects this water body with Sea of Marmara. Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia shares boundaries with this waterbody. Known to be as world's largest inland waterbody, large reserves of natural gas was recently discovered in this area by Turkey. The above passage refers to:
With reference to by-election, consider the following statements.1. By-elections derives their legitimacy from representation of people's act 1956.
2. Section 151A of the RPA states that a by-election for filling a vacancy shall be held within a year from the occurence of the vaccancy provided election commission in consultation with supreme court does not certify that it is difficult to hold the the by-election.

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