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'Seabed 2030' was in news recently. It is associated with
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to art forms of India.1. Bhavai - folk painting from mithila
2. Pulikkali - folk art form from Tamil Nadu
3. Bon Bibi'r Palagaan - painting by Warli tribe
Choose the incorrect statement (s) with respect to Pratihara style of architecture.1. Kajuraho group of temples are built based on Pratihara style of architecture.
2. Closed pavillion styles are prominent with carved panels and sculptures.
3. Gadarmal Devi temple is built according to Pratihara and Paramara styles with both Hindu and Jain idols.
. The recent pandemic had resulted in emergence of various discoveries resulting in advancements in fight against diseases. Corosure is in this context associated with.
With respect to space related technological developments consider the following passage.It is a remote sensing technology which uses light in the form of pulsed laser to  measure ranges. It can be used to make digital 3-D representation of the target. Ultraviolet, visible  or infared waves are used in the technology for imaging objects. Recently ancient city of Mahendraparvata was rediscovered with the help of this technology.

The above passage refers to which among the following technology?

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