November 10

Welcome to your November 10

Consider the following statements about Anti-defection law:1. The Tenth Schedule of the Constitution prohibits defection to protect the stability of governments but does not prohibit mergers.
2.  A national leader’s direction cannot be considered a whip in the context of the anti-defection law.
With reference to Star Campaigner, consider the following statements:1. Star campaigners for a party will not exceed 40 where it is a unrecognised political party.
2. Celebrities cannot be nominated as star campaigners.
3. There is no specific definition according to law or the Election Commission of India.
Which among the following countries is not a part of 'Quad'?
UNESCO declared Panna Tiger Reserve as a biosphere reserve. Which of the following statements are correct about the protected area?1. It is located in Madhya Pradesh.
2. River Ken flows through the reserve.
3. The avifauna comprises more than 200 species including a host of migratory birds.
4. Major shrub species includes Lantana camera and Nyctanthusarbortristis.
Spiral galaxy was in news recently. Which of the following statements are true regarding spiral galaxy?1. The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy.
2. Some barred galaxies have shown a lower concentration of newly formed stars suggesting that the bar does not favour star formation.

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